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Developing environmentally responsible chemistry … safe for the user, safe for the air, and safe for mother earth!


Soy Technologies, one of the original pioneers in the development of soy based chemistry, has been acquired and will be shutting down all operations at the end of 2022.  This web site is now for informational purposes only.

Earlier this year, Soy Technologies sold SoyLux™, it’s line of revolutionary soy-based nail polish removers, to Amelia LLC, out of Los Angeles, California.  Amelia LLC does not sell to the general public so that technology is no longer available for private label branding.

And now, in June ’22, Soy Technologies has sold its remaining brands to Eco Safety, Inc. DBA Eco Safety Products out of Phoenix, Arizona.  The company is very pleased that Eco Safety Products will be merging the following brands into their own exciting line of green chemistry:

  • SoyGreen® Cleaners/Degreasers/Strippers
  • Soyanol™ Green Additives for Paints & Coatings
  • SoyThin™ Artist Paint Thinners

For additional information on these brands and a full array of other environmentally responsible chemistry, please contact Eco Safety Products at, or:

Eco Safety, Inc. DBA Eco Safety Products

2921 W. Culver Street, #4B

Phoenix, AZ  85009

Tel: (602) 305-9397

Soy Technologies would like to thank our loyal customers for their trust in our chemistry over the last 18 years, and for their commitment to bettering the environment.  We also issue a challenge to those who do not purchase environmentally friendly products – What are you waiting for?  We are all running out of time…


Soy Technologies’ products start with a core set of chemistry.  From this start, the chemistry is modified and packaged to provide a full array of products, each with the following attributes:

Solvent and Water
Based Chemistry

Branded Products, Private
Label, or Bulk

Liquid and Thickened

Custom Blends


As a leader in the development of environmentally responsible chemistry, Soy Technologies applauds this new standard, and any standard that protects the user, the air, and mother earth.



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