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Developing environmentally responsible chemistry … safe for the user, safe for the air, and safe for mother earth!



Soy Technologies is one of the original pioneers in the development of soy based chemistry. Based in Nicholasville, Kentucky, just south of Lexington, the company develops and manufactures bio-based solvents and emulsions for commercial markets. Products are sold under in-house brands, private label, and bulk, and manufactured and warehoused in an ISO 9002/14001 certified facility in Florence, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Brands and markets include the following:


  • SoyGreen® Cleaners/Degreasers/Strippers
  • Soyanol™ Green Additives for Paints & Coatings
  • SoyLux™ Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • SoyThin™ Artist Paint Thinners

Chemistry based on soybeans is derived from a wonderful renewable resource grown principally in the United States, but it is unique…we have been developing this chemistry for over 15 years now. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of this chemistry, for you and the world we live in. Click here to find out where soy beans are grown in the US!


Soy Technologies’ products start with a core set of chemistry.  From this start, the chemistry is modified and packaged to provide a full array of products, each with the following attributes:

Solvent and Water
Based Chemistry

Branded Products, Private
Label, or Bulk

Liquid and Thickened

Custom Blends


As a leader in the development of environmentally responsible chemistry, Soy Technologies applauds this new standard, and any standard that protects the user, the air, and mother earth.



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