Soy Technologies is a privately owned specialty chemical manufacturer headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Originally founded in Delray Beach, Florida in 2001, the company’s original charter was to develop renewable (bio-based) chemistries meeting or exceeding upcoming emission regulations. Now, almost 20 years later, the company maintains that original charter, and has invested millions in the research, development, and marketing of environmentally friendly chemistries of finished products and raw materials.

Early on the company adopted a mission statement that reads “Developing environmentally responsible chemistry…safe for the user, safe for the air, and safe for mother earth”. What does that really mean? It means ALL products developed and marketed by the company must have a toxicity profile that is safe for all users; All products must be emissions-friendly by rating as VOC Compliant in all states; and all products must be based on renewable and biodegradable resources…and they are.

Soy Technologies’ patented technology is marketed under trademarked company and private label brands, and sold to manufacturers and industrial distributors. Press here for Company & Product Overview. 

Product families include the following:

• SoyGreen® Bio-Solvents & Emulsions – Cleaners, Degreasers, & Strippers

• SoyLux™ Personal Care Products – Professional Line

• Soyanol™ Intermediary Blends – Green Additives for Paints & Coatings

• SoyThin™ Paint Thinners – Line of Odorless Artist Paint Thinners

• Specialty Products – Custom Development Products

All products are blended, packed, and warehoused in an ISO 9002/14001 certified facility in Florence, Ky., assuring our Fortune 500 customers of quality products, and auditable facilities and processes to meet any demanding quality and EHS standard.


Over the past twenty years there has been a gradual shift towards safer and more environmentally sound cleaning products. A number of chemical technologies were discovered that appeared to have all the desired qualities of performance, price, and personal and environmental safety. These include chlorinated solvents, butyl degreasers, Nonylphenyl surfactants and D’Limonene (citrus cleaners). These products were eventually found to be unsafe, environmentally detrimental, or both.  What has changed? First and foremost, the discovery that soybeans are a virtual chemical factory has led to soy-based chemistries being accepted as a legitimate alternative to petrochemicals. Research behind that discovery now enters its second decade, and Soy Technologies is one of the very few companies leading that effort to discover new applications and chemistries.

Secondly, the uncontrolled rise in petroleum prices has significantly improved the price performance of alternative solvents. Soy Technologies has worked diligently to position their supply chain within one hour of manufacturing facilities, and has been successful with minimizing price increases.

World markets appear to have finally gotten serious about taking care of our planet, or at least started to get serious. New regulations have reduced or completely outlawed the use of these chemicals in many parts of the world. In the United States, sweeping changes regulating emissions began taking effect on December 31, 2004, and slowly but surely continue to expand nationwide.

And lastly, the company is very much supportive of the worldwide initiative to standardize the use and identification of hazardous materials and products under the Global Harmonized System (GHS) that took affect June 1, 2015. This initiative applies to ALL industrial products manufactured and distributed worldwide, and is intended to educate users toward materials used in products and materials hazardous to users, to the air, and to the earth…


Randy Frees leads the management team that researches, develops, and manufactures our unique chemistry. Soy Technologies has also developed a network of independent sales representatives to sell our message and market our products.

Randy Frees - President/CEO of Soy Technologies


It seems that everywhere we turn these days, we are all bombarded by claims that this product or that product is ‘green’ ,‘earth-friendly’ , ‘eco-earth’, etc., etc. There are even butyl cleaners on the market that have a Green name and are simply green in color only.



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