Soy Technologies specializes in private label programs for soy based chemistry. Why? We have invested millions of dollars in developing chemistry designed specifically for healthy and green products for the 21st century. We have not invested those same dollars into developing a robust sales channel to market them. Our strategy lies with your marketing efforts under your brand, not necessarily ours, and we’ve developed our SoyGreen® and SoyLux™ product lines with that strategy in mind.

Our Private Label Program offers flexibility, a low buy-in, and a low investment in inventory and R&D. All products have no DOT restrictions and with the exception of our most aggressive graffiti and paint removers, are ‘Not Classified’ under the new GHS (US) regulations. We offer strong support and training for your personnel so that your sales team can have the greatest success in promoting soy items added to your product mix.

In terms of green certifications, all of our products and raw materials are easily certified if you are in a program already. Due to the rapid and expensive changes in the DfE and Bio-Preferred Programs, Soy Technologies has chosen not to continue certifying our base products under those programs, but will work with you if your sales strategy relies on those certifications, on a case by case basis.

What are the options for private labeling your brand?

First, all products are marketed under company brands. This allows you to test market selected products without any investment at all. This is a potential Step 1, especially for small markets or niche products.

The second option is bulk…you can pack products yourself or use your own contract packer. All products are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 330-gallon totes, and with tanker or railcar facilities available under special order.

And finally, we offer turnkey private label products where Soy Technologies provides a finished product to you. We take care of graphics, packaging, labeling, blending, and filling, and will deliver them to your facility ready to go. Included is a customized SDS in new GHS (US) format, a Tech Data or Sales Sheet, and for SoyGreen® only, 2 oz samples with your brand and label on the bottle.

Our Private Label Program is available for all products in our SoyGreen® (Cleaners, Degreasers & Strippers) and SoyLux™ (Cosmetics Nail & Skin Care) product lines. For a detailed description of each program see the attachments on this page. Contact our office for pricing of each program and any questions you might have.

For a detailed description of our private label program, and a product matrix for product applications, see the attachments below. Also note the changes to the program which offers more startup flexibility.