SoyGreen® Solvents

SoyGreen® Solvents

SoyGreen® bio-based solvents are soy-based blends formulated to replace many common terpene and petrochemical based products including mineral spirits, d’Limonene, naphtha, and toluene. With several formulations available for a myriad of applications, SoyGreen® solvents are ideal for private label and bulk. SG1000 is ideal for metal cleaning and polishing; SG5000 is the same chemistry but more aggressive for paint removal, ink cleanup, mastic removal, and more; SG6000 is a thickened version of SG5000 designed for vertical applications; SG PolyClear, SG PolyStripper, SG EnviroClear, and SG EnviroGel are liquid and gel versions of premium paint strippers, all environmentally responsible products replacing methylene chloride and other harsh chemicals.

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