SoyThin™ Artist Paint Thinner

SoyThin™ Artist Paint Thinner

SoyThin™ Artist Paint Thinners is another revolutionary family of products from Soy Technologies, one of the original pioneers of soy chemistry in the industry.

SoyThin™ Odorless Paint Thinner is an odorless, clear mixture of petroleum distillates and highly refined by soy additives. In addition to a stronger thinner with less hazardous vapors than traditional mineral spirit based thinners, SoyThin™ provides greater dissolving power and blends with most solvent based artist paints and commercial glazing products. The soy additives are proven to keep bristles soft, more absorbent, and longer lasting.

SoyThin™ Non-Toxic Paint Thinner takes environmental responsibility one step farther by increasing the amount of soy additives from the Odorless Paint Thinner and replacing petroleum distillates with an eco friendly co-solvent. It will therefore dry a little slower but actually add effectiveness for cleaning valuable brushes. Proven as an effective replacement for conventional artist thinners by professional artists and studios, SoyThin™ Non-Toxic Paint Thinner is non-flammable so has no DOT restrictions, no harmful vapors, does not irritate the skin, and has a very mild natural odor.

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