SoyLux™ Cosmetics & Personal Care

SoyLux™ Cosmetics & Personal Care

As one of the premier specialty chemical companies focusing on soy based chemistries, Soy Technologies has a growing presence in the cosmetic industry. We specialize in the development of healthy and green alternatives, under our mantra of ‘Safe for the user, safe for the air…AND safe for mother earth’. Ask us how that translates into real products and how unique that approach is relative to other chemistries in the marketplace.

Our range of products in the cosmetic and personal care industry include the following:

• Branded and private label products
• Finished formulations and soy additives for manufacturers and formulators
• Solvent and water based chemistries
• Thickened and liquid formulations
• Custom variations include unique vitamin blends and essential oils

Finished products, under our brand or private label, and easily customizable, include the following:

• Soy-Based Nail Polish Removers
• Soy-Based Nail Polish Remover Wipes
• Soy-Based Cuticle Oil & Nail Treatment
• Soy-Based Body Oils

We offer an easy way to get started and stepping stones for market penetration:

• Protected In-House Brands and Sales Displays To Get Started
• Packaging in 5-gallon Pails or 55-gallon Drums for Small Scale DIY Filling & Packaging
• Turnkey Private Label Program
• Bulk of Any Capacity in ISO Certified Blending Facility

We welcome partnerships with start-up marketers looking to compliment their line of nail polishes, as well as large scale national manufacturers and supply houses. We offer a straight up approach from a company that knows what you can and cannot do with soy based chemistry. Contact us today…

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